Craig Cochran

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Medcan Australia Craig has more than 20 years experience developing businesses from inception through to maturity.

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As an early mover in the Australian Medicinal Cannabis industry, Craig has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of current legislation, licensing, and regulation. With a network of contacts through Australia, Canada, Europe, and the USA, Craig has an ear-to-the-ground understanding of both local and international medicinal cannabis market trends, business models, and access pathways. He also has extensive experience in HVAC, Electrical/Automation design and engineering, and project management. With a vertically integrated model Medcan Australia Cultivates, Produces, and Manufactures high-quality medicinal cannabis products for both clinical trials and individual patient access under a facilitation agreement with Cann Global Limited. Their automated cultivation processes are designed to ensure consistent results so consumers are assured the quality, composition, and reliability of their supply.

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Facility Tour and Medcan's First Australian Cultivated Cannabis Crops

27 October 2023, 02:10 AM
Chloe Jean Teh Craig Cochran



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