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RIP- Frances Moonshadow your passing leaves many shocked and saddened by your passing. We send you to the light with love and appreciation for all of the people you have helped. Thank you for your contribution to assisting families and kids to seek relief from medical cannabis products. You fought the good fight and we will continue your legacy. Till the next journey RIP you amazing soul!  

My road to medical cannabis was 16 years ago when my Irish wolfhound was diagnosed with epilepsy. I made my first oil, it was a success and he never had another seizure. He passed away at age 17 seizure-free. I commenced treating patients with medical cannabis and decided to move to North NSW. 

I have seen so many lives change and work with patients from epilepsy, autism arthritis, cancer, and everything in between. I am privileged to work with this amazing plant. 


Real World Realities- Children Accessing Medical Cannabis Outside of Doctor Prescription

28 October 2023, 09:05 AM
Frances Moonshadow Chloe Jean Teh



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