Dr Jim Connell

Medical Officer and Co-Founder, Heyday Clinic As a General Practitioner (MBBS, FRACGP), Dr Jim has been treating patients with cannabis medicine since 2017 and has special interests in chronic pain, mental health, palliative care, cancer management, and complex chronic disease management.

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Dr Jim leads the Heyday Clinic and is also responsible for Heyday product innovation.

Dr Jim Connell loves getting to know his patients and is a friendly and compassionate doctor. He has experience across all areas of medicine and is passionate about personalised care. Dr Jim’s knowledge of conventional and complementary medicine allows him to incorporate elements of each in a safe and effective manner. 

Dr Jim has specialised knowledge in the area of cannabis medicine, utilising this complex plant medicine for several years now. He is dedicated to ongoing education, staying up to date with the rapid developments in the cannabis medicine space as well as currently undertaking a fellowship in nutritional and environmental medicine.

Dr Jim was affected by his late mother’s pancreatic cancer treatment journey and has a strong desire to craft the best quality cannabis medicines for his patients while making cannabis medicines more accessible to patients across Australia.

Dr Jim holds the following roles and certifications:

• Healer Certification (Cannabis Education through Dr Sulak)

• Member of the Australasian College of Environmental and Nutritional Medicine (enrolled fellowship program)

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Cultivating a Positive Relationship with Cannabis

27 October 2023, 12:00 AM
Jim Connell



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