Dr Kylie O'Brien

National Academic Director Complementary Medicine, Australian Institute of Applied Science (AIAS) Professor Kylie O’Brien PhD, MPH, B AppSc(Chin Med), BSc(Optom), Grad Cert Tert Ed Adjunct Professor, Torrens University, South Australia

About this speaker

Kylie has had a strong academic career in Chinese medicine, integrative medicine and since 2018, medicinal cannabis after career changing from optometry.

She has held senior leadership positions in the Australian university and private education sector and is one of the leaders in cannabis education in Australia.

Education and research into cannabis are two primary areas of focus for Kylie, along with trying to create changes in regulations in Australia to open up access for patients. Integrative medicine and medicinal cannabis are passions in life for Kylie. 

Her first book O’Brien and Sali, A Clinician’s Guide to Integrative Oncology: What You Should Be Talking About With Cancer Patients and Why was published in 2017 (Cham: Springer) and her latest book, O’Brien & Blair, Medicinal Cannabis and CBD in Mental Healthcare (Cham: Springer) was released in 2021.


Osteoarthritis and Cannabis

27 October 2023, 04:15 AM
Kylie O'Brien



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