Mauricio Henriquez

Managing Director, Grandiosa Imports Australia Mauricio Henriquez, Managing Director of Grandiosa Imports Australia has been a powerful advocate for plant-based medicines since 2017.

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After 15 years of working in pharmaceutical/Sales State Manager Mauricio developed an enthusiasm for connecting people to high-quality products without costing the earth.

Mauricio’s passion for plant-based medicines came to fruition when his own Mother began to struggle with sleep and anxiety issues but was only given pharmaceutical options that were detrimental to her human experience. After managing to source CDB oil for her the effects were dramatic and life changing. This helped Mauricio realise he had greater reach to help others on their quest to find alternative medicines. This triggered the inception of Grandiosa Imports which now operates as a distributor of medicinal cannabis oil and flower in both Australia and South America, Chile.

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Males vs Females Plants in the Medicinal Industry

27 October 2023, 09:30 AM
Mauricio Henriquez



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